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Nasdanika Shinobi Tracker

Nasdanika Tracker is an issue tracker for Maven projects - it assumes that deliverables (components, projects) are represented as Maven artifacts organized into groups and delivered in increments called versions. The primary goal is to provide Java developers a tracking tool which requires minimal “mental stitching and switching” between Java/Maven and issue tracking prolem domains and ways of thinking.

The secondary goal to provide Java developers an open source extendable and customizable issue tracking solution.

The tracker can be used as an eclipse plugin and in the future also as a web application.

This product is in an early stage of development. The vision document explains where development is intended to be headed.

P2 Repository

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How to contribute

As an open source project we use the Fork and Pull Model. You can find more information about collaborative development at GitHub in this article - Collaborating with issues and pull requests.

When you contribute code, please make sure that the changes are clearly identifiable. In particular, avoid making non-functional changes in the code which you do not touch, e.g. auto-formatting of an entire compilation unit.