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Code generation wizards

There are two abstract code generation wizards in the editor bundle:

  • AbstractCodegenWizard - This class implements performFinish() which uses a generator model to perform code generation.
  • AbstractModelCodegenWizard - A sub-class of the above class which loads wizard pages from a model. It uses EObjectRenderer.Util.render() to render pages. This allows to create wizards with minimal effort.

Example of a concrete wizard extending AbstractModelCodegenWizard:

public class MyWorkspaceWizard extends AbstractModelCodegenWizard implements INewWizard {
	private IStructuredSelection selection;

	protected Iterable<URI> getWorkFactoriesModelsLocations() {
		return Collections.singleton(URI.createPlatformPluginURI("<wizard bunde>/model/MyGeneratorModel.nsdgen", false));
	protected void initializeAdapterFactory() {
		adapterFactory.addAdapterFactory(new WizardItemProviderAdapterFactory()); // Adapter factory for the wizard model.
	protected URI getWizardModelLocation() {
		// Use selected .wizard file
		if (!selection.isEmpty()) {
			Object fe = selection.getFirstElement();
			if (fe instanceof IFile) {
				IFile sf = (IFile) fe;
				String sfn = sf.getName();
				if (sfn.endsWith(".wizard")) {
					return URI.createPlatformResourceURI(sf.getFullPath().toString(), true);					
		// Use built-in wizard file if none selected.
		return URI.createPlatformPluginURI("<wizard bundle>/model/MyWizardModel.wizard", false);

	public void init(IWorkbench workbench, IStructuredSelection selection) {
		this.selection = selection;		
		setWindowTitle("My Code Generation Wizard");