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Nasdanika Bank

Nasdanika Bank is a model-driven web application which purpose is to demonstrate how to build model-driven web applications with Eclipse and Nasdanika technologies and tools.

In particular:

  • Generate workspace projects in Nasdanika Tool Suite with the Workspace Wizard.
  • Capture domain knowledge in documented Ecore models.
  • Generate HTML documentation from those models with Docgen Ecore.
  • Capture requirements as user stories in story models and then generate and publish story model documentation.
  • Annotate the model with Web UI annotations.
  • Create a Web UI model with Codegen Ecore and its Codegen Ecore Web UI extension.
  • Generate Web UI classes from the model.
  • Generate Web UI model documentation and publish to the site.
  • Run the application in Eclipse IDE.
  • Build and run the application locally.
  • Build the application on CircleCI.
  • Deploy to Heroku cloud application platform.
  • Create automated UI tests, run them with WebTest, and link test results with screenshots to the story documentation.

The above steps are covered in detail in the developer guide.


P2 Repository

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How to contribute

As an open source project we use the Fork and Pull Model. You can find more information about collaborative development at GitHub in this article - Collaborating with issues and pull requests.

When you contribute code, please make sure that the changes are clearly identifiable. In particular, avoid making non-functional changes in the code which you do not touch, e.g. auto-formatting of an entire compilation unit.