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Summary0000133: Page template from extension

Modify getPageTemplate() and related methods to load templates from resource extensions, and default to built-in templates if no extension is found. This would allows application skinning without having to have a common sub-class. Extension tracker, registry.
Possibly have a delegate object extension and a default (EObject) template delegate extension. This way advanced rendering can be done with a delegate class and simpler skinning with a template.

Also consider having some interface, e.g. TemplateProvider and either adapting context or Principal implementing TemplateProvider, or in order - subject principals, realm or containment path, adapt context, extension, bundled resources.

Another option is to have PageRenderer interface with rewriteContentURL(context, renderer, url) method as well as with renderPage(context, route, content) method. Renderer delegates its rewriteContentURL() method to the PageRenderer, Route delegates its renderPage(). Have an extension point for PageRenderer, registry, tracker, all usual stuff. Default page renderer.

TemplatePageRenderer implementation which uses templates and in turn may take template(s) from an extension, resource bundle, or a classloader resource. Ajax/SPA flavor - how to reload and focus left menu - content template which includes a piece of JavaScript reloading if view timestamp changed and selecting by URL or other matching criteria. Panel overlays for both left (navigation) and content panels.

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