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Web applications

This page explains how to build web applications backed by a [CDO] server using Nasdanika HTML bundles.

In addition to the bundles which can be used to build both static and dynamic content there are three CDO bundles for creating web applications:

This picture shows interaction between different web application components:

web application


Application servlet extends CDOTransactionServlet and overrides its protected methods to customize for the application needs as will be explained below.

In its init() method CDOTransactionServlet creates a service tracker for services exposing org.eclipse.emf.cdo.session.CDOSessionProvider interface. If there are several service components providing this service in the application, then a filter can be used to select a specific service component. The tracker is closed in destroy().

Session Provider

Session Initializer



Deployment options

TODO - 3 bundles, runtime features, product configuration.